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Specializing in commercial concrete, masonry, and tilt-wall in Central Florida since 1984

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Resources for Our Employees


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions


My check is direct deposited. How can I view my paystub?

Call the office to provide them with your email address. Someone in the office will then “invite” you to view your paystub. Through your email, you will be prompted to create a free account through a program called “WorkForce”. You’ll set up a username and password. Before you begin, make sure that you have the last four digits of your social security number and the exact amount of your most recent check. Don’t know the amount of your most recent check? The office can help. Just give us a call and we can tell you the amount.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

‚ÄčIt’s easy! Just print this form out, fill it out, and get it to the office. You’ll be receiving directly deposited checks before you know it!

What day of the week will I get paid?

Our work week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. We do payroll on Wednesdays so that you can receive your direct deposited check on Friday. If you do not use direct deposit, we mail out your check on Wednesday night to the address we have on file. Most employees receive their mailed check on Friday but that varies depending on where you live and the postal service.

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